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How do I add Outwrite to Word?

You can easily add Outwrite to Microsoft Word by going to the “Insert” tab and clicking “Get Add-ins”. Look up “Outwrite” in the search tab and click “Add”. For more instructions, head here.

Is Outwrite free on Word?

Our Word add-in is free to install. It'll give you access to all of our essential features, including advanced grammar corrections, thesaurus and writing statistics. You will need to upgrade to Outwrite Pro to access our advanced features.

What are the benefits of Outwrite Pro?

Outwrite Pro goes beyond grammar checking—it improves the quality and flow of your writing. It can help you to paraphrase sentences, strengthen your vocabulary, adjust your word count (and much more).

Where else can I use Outwrite?

Other than Microsoft Word, you can currently access Outwrite on Chrome, Google Docs, and on the web. Tell us where else you would like to see Outwrite by emailing help@outwrite.com.

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