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An Outwrite grammar pop up suggests correcting "your" to "you're" in an email

Fix grammar mistakes

Ensure your text is free from spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors

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An Outwrite thesaurus pop up suggests a list of synonyms for the word "good"

Enhance your vocabulary

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An Outwrite pop up suggests two ways to rewrite a sentence

Rewrite entire sentences

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Frequently asked questions

What sites does Outwrite support?

Our Chrome extension works on most sites, like Gmail, Outlook, and WordPress. If you find a site that we don't support, let us know by emailing help@outwrite.com

Can I use the browser extension to edit in different languages?

Yes! Outwrite currently supports English, French, and Spanish. Our browser extension will automatically detect and switch to the language you're proofreading in.

Can I turn the browser extension off?

If you click on the yellow Outwrite icon at the bottom of your text field, you can choose to disable the browser extension temporarily or forever. This may help on sites like Google Sheets where you don't need help proofreading.

Does Outwrite's extension work on Google Docs?

We're working on a solution that will allow you to use our Chrome extension with Google Docs. For now, we recommended installing our Google Docs add-in.

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Love this program. It is way better than Grammarly [at] half the cost.

Savannah Renee

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