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What is passive voice?

Passive voice occurs when the subject of a sentence receives an action. The subject usually comes after the thing that was done: "The road was crossed by the chicken." When a sentence is written in active voice, the subject performs the action. You can read more about passive voice in this blog article.

What are the benefits of using active voice?

Using passive voice is not grammatically incorrect, and is preferred in some circumstances. However, active voice will generally make your writing clearer and more direct.

Is Outwrite free to use?

Outwrite's essential features, like grammar and spell checking, are free to use. If you would like to check your work for passive voice, you'll need to upgrade to our Pro plan.

Where can I access Outwrite?

Outwrite currently supports Google Chrome, Google Docs, Microsoft Edge, and Microsoft Word, in addition to our web app. All our plugins are free to download.

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