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An Outwrite rewrite pop up suggests shortening the phrase "Have you got some time for a quick chat?" to "Do you have time for a quick chat?"

Use Shorten to:

Reduce word count

Cut out unnecessary words and phrases from your writing

Write concisely

Restructure sentences to decrease wordiness

Increase readability

Simplify sentences so they're easier to read

How it works

Shorten your sentences in three easy steps

  1. Highlight a section of text
  2. Select "Shorten"
  3. Rewrite!

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Enhances the clarity and flow of your writing

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Outwrite is incredibly intuitive and keeps my writing consistent and effective.

Andy Twomey

Director, Y&C Agency

To be honest, I don't know how I managed before I used Outwrite

Deb Carr

Publisher, Sydney Chic

Our head office's marketing and social media content has benefited greatly from the Outwrite AI's ability to check our writing.

Shantelle Isaaks

Marketing, Laing + Simmons

Really helped with creating engaging language whether it be for professional use or just simple daily writing tasks!

Nathan Tang

Chrome Web Store review

I use [Outwrite] on a daily basis to make sure my English is spotless and my emails are very clear.

Charline J

Capterra review

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